Registration Times 2022

Friday November 24 – 1pm to 9pm

Saturday November 25th – 9am to 10am

Download and print the Registration Form (pdf)

(Complete the form in advance to streamline your check-in process)

Forms are also available at the drop-off.

Use this custom search to help determine the market value of your used equipment.

Reclaiming of unsold equipment and/or cheques.

Reclaiming unsold equipment will be held on Saturday November 25 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Equipment not reclaimed by 6:00pm Saturday November 25th, becomes the property of the Hamilton Ski and Snowboard Swap and will be disposed. Cheques can be mailed out if your account is reconciled and all equipment is accounted for, any equipment not picked up become the property of the Hamilton Ski and Snowboard Swap, however you must follow the instructions on the “read me I’m important” letter for confirmation. This information and other details regarding the Ski Swap and its procedures will be available on an information sheet when you register your equipment. Hamilton Ski and Snowboard Swap reserves the right to refuse any equipment deemed unsuitable. Ski equipment to be accepted for sale must meet DIN standards and be in good condition. If the equipment is several years old we strongly suggest you bring it by Friday and have it looked at by our staff. Generally, older “straight skis” and adult “rear entry boots” are no longer in demand, regardless of condition and will not be accepted.

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